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Legal Advertisement NOTICE OF ADOPTION OF A DECLARATORY RESOLUTION BY THE JACKSON COUNTY REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION AND OF A PUBLIC HEARING WITH RESPECT THERETO (Jackson County EDA No. 1) Notice is hereby given that the Jackson County Redevelopment Commission (the Commission), being the governing body of the Jackson County Department of Redevelopment, on December 8, 2021, adopted a resolution (the Declaratory Resolution), making certain proposed amendments to the declaratory resolution previously adopted by the Commission which established the Jackson County Economic Development Area No. 1 (such amendments, the Amendments). The Amendments (i) expand the Jackson County Economic Development Area No. 1 to include certain additional territory, (ii) designate a portion of such additional territory as a separate allocation for the purpose of allocation and distribution of certain property taxes (commonly referred to as tax increment) under IC 36-7-14-39, and (iii) adopt a supplement to the original plan for the area. Notice is hereby given that the Commission will conduct a public hearing on October 19th , 2022 at 6:00 p.m., local time, in the new meeting room at the Jackson County Courthouse, located at 111 South Main Street, Brownstown, Indiana, to receive and hear remonstrances and objections from all persons interested in or affected by the proposed Amendments. At the public hearing, the Commission will also determine whether the proposed Amendments are reasonable and appropriate when considered in relation to the original plan and the purposes of IC 36-7-14, and whether the plan, with the proposed Amendments, conforms to the plan of development for the County. A copy of the proposed Amendments can be inspected at the office of the County Auditor for Jackson County, Indiana, located at 111 South Main Street, Brownstown, Indiana 47220. Dated this 19th day of October, 2022. JACKSON COUNTY REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION 60109384 Hspaxlp R: 9/29/22

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The Medora Town Council is now accepting applications for the position of Medora Certified Water Operator in Charge. DSS and WT2 certifications are required. Operator is in charge of water plant, treatment, distribution, and related duties. Salary is negotiable. Application forms can be picked up at the Medora Town Hall, located at 27 N. Perry Street, Medora, Indiana 47260 (812-966-2281). All applications are due by Friday, October 14, 2022, at 4:00 PM, and should be submitted at the Medora Town Hall. Applicants must also submit a resume listing their qualifications as well as their application. After consideration of the applicants submissions, the Medora Town Council will interview selected candidates. Darin Downs President, Town Council Town of Medora, Indiana Dated: September 27, 2022 60109396 hspaxlp R: 9/29, 10/4/2022