You can set the E-Notify feature to automatically send you an email each day with links to e-Edition articles containing search terms that you have set! You can change the settings as your interests change, deactivate it when you no longer want to use it or reactivate.

To set or define your search

1. Enter your keyword(s) in the Search Terms box. (See below for ways to enter your keywords.)

2. Press the Test Button to see the results of the search you have defined.

3. After seeing these results, you can then alter your search terms if necessary and retest until you are satisfied with them.

4. Once you are satisfied with the test results press the Activate Button to have the system send you a daily email that contains all articles which match your search terms. When you wish the emails to stop press the Deactivate Button to stop this daily email.

Ways to Enter Your Keywords

More than one keyword can be entered. Keywords can be combined together with Boolean operators, and parenthesis can be used to alter the evaluation order of the Boolean operators.  An exact phrase of several words can be searched for. A wildcard character is available as well.